About us

Deca Technologies is a unique, wafer-level interconnect foundry founded in 2009 with headquarters in Tempe, Arizona and manufacturing in the Philippines. The Deca difference is in our dynamic manufacturing capability, which gives our customers the competitive edge in cycle time and new product introductions thanks to rapid time-to-market capabilities.

Built on 10X thinking: The philosophy that achieving exponential improvements can only happen by shifting from conventional approaches to manufacturing Deca’s solar-inspired production line enables game-changing NPI cycle time, while our software-driven lithography technology enables unparalleled speed and flexibility in manufacturing.

Our award-winning M-Series fan-out wafer-level technology with adaptive patterning has been adopted for high-volume mobile chip-set applications and licensed to a leading manufacturer for dual-source production.

The combination of a highly experienced management team and inventive thinking results in a strong IP portfolio with innovative solutions for our customers.