About us

Deca Technologies is a unique, wafer-level interconnect foundry founded in 2009 as a majority-owned and fully independent subsidiary of Cypress Semiconductor. The Deca difference is in our dynamic manufacturing capability, which gives our customers the competitive edge in cycle time and new product introductions thanks to rapid time-to-market capabilities.

Built on 10X thinking: the philosophy that achieving exponential improvements can only happen by shifting away from conventional approaches to manufacturing. Deca’s proprietary Autoline leverages panel-based equipment, processes and operational methods inspired by SunPower Corporation to address significant barriers to the adoption and growth of next-generation electronic interconnects. Our portfolio of proprietary, game-changing solutions lead the industry in performance, cost and technology.

Deca Technologies breaks industry records for new product builds, and boasts a 24-hour product ramp for wafer level chip scale packages. Deca’s process significantly reduces cycle time and permits multiple design iterations with minimal investment, thereby enabling the adoption of wafer level interconnect technologies for a wide array of semiconductor device types.