Deca Technologies: Transforming Electronic Interconnect

Deca Technologies was built on 10X thinking: the philosophy that achieving exponential improvements can only happen by shifting away from conventional approaches to manufacturing. Deca’s unique wafer-level interconnect foundry integrates solar and semiconductor technologies to give customers the competitive edge with short cycle time and rapid new product introductions.
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Deca’s Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging: It’s About Time


Staying competitive in the WLCSP market is all about time. While your competitors are still waiting for new mask sets to start a product build, Deca’s 10X approach is already rolling your product off its Autoline.

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M-Series™: The Future Is Fan-Out


The market is calling; it’s time to put FOWLP on your roadmap. Conventional FOWLP is hampered by cost of capital, die-attach cost and yield. With M-Series™, Deca breaks down those barriers to adoption. There is FOWLP, and then there is M-Series.

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